Transmit a better service and drive greater connection

Offer more to your subscribers and develop a closer and meaningful relationship with them

Find a new way to remain competitive in the mobile operator market by offering a more sophisticated and engaging user experience for your subscribers. Stikit Enterprise places you at the forefront by offering value added services that enhance your subscribers’ network experience. As a middleware platform, Stikit Enterprise merges with your mobile network services through seamless API integrations to allow enticing third-party inventory for your subscribers. Have a cutting-edge advantage. Stand out from the rest and be a better mobile network provider.

Take the next step forward and adopt a new mobile-first technology

Rewards and experiential offerings

Engage and constantly reward your subscribers by giving them access to exclusive events and services

Advanced data analytics

Understand your subscribers by knowing more about who they are and what they like, and use that knowledge to upsell and cross-sell your services

Third-party inventory access

Gain more from a platform that easily integrates with your existing mobile network services to offer extensive third-party inventory

Customer acquisition & retention 

Attract new subscribers to your network & reduce churn by enticing them with easy access and offers to desirable events and services

Platform for existing mobile network services

Charge subscribers’ event purchases to their mobile bill and deliver tickets to existing mobile wallets

Greater external relationships

Establish extensive external relationships with promoters, brands and corporations

Better marketing campaigns

Utilise our advanced data analytics platform to create better targeted marketing campaigns

No extra cost or hidden fees

Build trust by reassuring your fans that there are no hidden fees or extra costs


  • With Active’s mobile digital tickets, we are able to instantly delight all our customer groups whilst integrating further with existing partners in events, music, live streaming and content areas; thus also delivering on our 3rd party service strategy of e.g. Megadeals, TopApps and T-Mobile Tuesdays.

    Erik Meijer
    T-Mobile, Group Innovation

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