Enhance the live experience

Reduce malicious ticket touts and guarantee an immersive show for your fans

Large scale ticket touting and malicious resellers are a source of outrage and frustration for fans and artists. To combat this challenge, Active offers you an ingenious solution with Stikit Box Office.

Stikit Box Office is an end-to-end event management and box office platform that provides an engaging and advanced ticketing service. And the best bit? It helps reduce ticket touts and allows you to start managing the secondary ticket market.

Give your fans a more secure and immersive event experience. Never feel ripped off again.

Take the next step forward and adopt a new mobile-first technology

A secure ticketing system

Limit ticket touts through a platform that gives you better control over the secondary market

An interactive mobile platform

Entice greater fan engagement with event social feeds, photo galleries, videos, songs and playlists

Advanced data analytics

Collate rich, real-time fan data and know who they are and what they are passionate about

Inventory management

Smoothly manage and aggregate all your inventory into one easy, accessible platform

Aggregate relevant events

Cross-sell and promote upcoming shows and events, generating more ticket sales


Fan loyalty

Add measurable value to your events and further build your fans’ interaction and loyalty

Better marketing campaigns

Utilise our advanced data analytics platform to create better targeted marketing campaigns

No extra cost or hidden fees

Build trust by reassuring your fans that there are no hidden costs or fees

Success Stories

The results speak for themselves. Active already provides technical platforms for the following event promoters, artists, and teams


  • Active delivered a ground-breaking interactive experience which showcased an expression of how we saw mobile technology innovating live music events of the future.

    James Anderson
    Managing Partner, Momentum Worldwide
  • With Active’s mobile digital tickets, we are able to instantly delight all our customer groups whilst integrating further with existing partners in events, music, live streaming and content areas; thus also delivering on our 3rd party service strategy of e.g. Megadeals, TopApps and T-Mobile Tuesdays.

    Erik Meijer
    T-Mobile, Group Innovation
  • Yet again another stellar performance. The venue set up was a dream but Active worked the magic. A big thank you again for all your hard work, working to our usual tight deadlines and coming up with the goods.

  • Active have a unique skill set spanning technology and a knowledge of the music business. Samsung gave them a challenge and they built and delivered a solution that will re-define how people enjoy live music in future.

  • It is the best thing I have ever used to get a ticket – there are no touts, no nothing. Brilliant and really cool!


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