Active took on the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona with energy and enthusiasm. As Official Ticketing Partner for the MMIX Party and Partner of the MMIX Summit programme, the Active team had a very busy and exhilarating week.

Active’s CEO Lee Booth delivered a keynote presentation and participated in a panel discussion at the MMIX Summit. Through a series of special sessions, the dynamic MMIX Summit explored the ever-changing distribution of content and disruption of new media technologies.

Mark Smith, Marketing Director at the GSMA: “Active has been an excellent partner and supporter of the GSMA’s MMIX events at Mobile World Congress. The MMIX has brought together the mobile entertainment ecosystem to address the opportunities and challenges of mobile-first content strategies over the last three years.

In his presentation, Lee Booth analysed the challenges and opportunities for mobile ticketing. As mobile is the primary mode for content distribution and consumer engagement, mobile is fast-becoming the force behind emerging technological innovation. Purchasing a ticket is the start of the event journey for a consumer. As such, it presents an opportunity to immediately shape the consumer’s event experience and build a personal relationship with them. A consumer’s mobile is also a personal and unique identifier that contains rich user data. Therefore, mobile ticketing enables an identity based access control system that both enhances the live experience and increases event security.

Lee Booth also participated in the ‘Connecting Live Experiences’ panel discussion, which featured industry experts from Live Nation, ATC Management, and Swisscom Event & Media Solutions. The panel discussed the rise of new media technology within the events industry, and how it is changing the way in which consumers want, and expect, to be engaged and entertained.

Central to the discussion was the concept of connectivity and engagement, and security and ownership within the live event sector. VR, smartphones, and technology such as Blockchain offer a new and alternative way of increasing fan engagement and ensuring a secure venue and event. Such technologies extend the life an event, and offer the continuation of a richer, and much more diverse live experience.


Active’s CEO Lee Booth at the MMIX Summit 2017


As the biggest and best mobile event, Mobile World Congress 2017 was a tremendous conference that helped Active build significant brand awareness and global visibility. New media technologies are paramount in helping entice fan engagement and shape a secure environment – concepts which both resonate with Active’s grand vision of a safer world.